Tourist routs


The nature sights of Kotlen canyon are spectacular for its extended scales, water brightness, green vegetation, natural energies and vitality. It is known that the very natural energies at the canyon have a healing power, mostly so near the lake “Bezbrod”.

Tourist routs at the canyon:

  • Mountain path “Koncheto”
  • Walk path “Pogledetz”

 Opportunities for studying and exploring caves and gaps, rock climbing.


  • “Prohodna “, “Tеmnata dupka”, “Svirchovitza”, passing by the cave “Bankovitza” - “Hubavitza”/route: 6 hours
  • “Prohodna” – ”Zadunen dol” – “Tamnata dupka” – viewing the waterfall of the river - canyon and the country side “Kaleto”./route day and a half/
  • “Prohodna” – The western waterfall- “Averkovitza” – Iskar river – the catenary bridge-caves “Hidushkata dupka” and “Imaneto” /route: 7 hours/ [Prohodna-inside-out]
  • “Prohodna” -“Temnata dupka”- “Bezimenna”-“Ovcharnika”- passing through a waterfall and “Zidanka” /route: 6 hours/
  • “Haidushkata dupka” – “Mandrata” – Church ‘St. Gligorii”, “Provartenika” / route: 6 hours/
  • “Strupanetz “- tourist hut – staying over the night – “Provartenik” – Church “St. Gligor” – “Mndrata’, Church “St. Marina”.Possible returning near by “Provartenik” /route: day and a half/


The cave “Parnitzite” /”Hothouses”/ in the village, included in “Protected nature sights with national significance”