Non Governmental Organizations

Association: "St. Martyr George the Victorious- Lukovit"
Address: Lukovit, "Al. Stamboliiski "№ 7
The Organization operates in public interest. The objectives of the Organization are developing the culture in Lukovit Municipality and promoting spiritual values through different events, including theater, readings, meetings with artists, lectures, exhibitions and other cultural activities, promote and ensure the free exchange of information and ideas, providing additional financial and material resources to achieve goals, support the construction and maintenance of facilities and equipment for the training of young people, stimulate dialogue and agreement in the community to identify local needs and problems to integrate human and financial resources and guide them towards achieving the identified common interests and priorities of the community.


NGO: «Grajdansko sdrujenie Srodni dushi»
Address: Municipal Market, veterinary pharmacy «Teddy»
Objectives: Activation of spiritual life and maintain the traditions of the progressive intelligentsia Lukovit; revival and promotion of national virtues and ideas.
Scope of Activities: Studying the past of his native land, monuments - maintenance and promotion, meetings with artists, past and present.

Lukovit's NGOs:
- equal in rights partner of the local authority for stable development of the municipality.

I. Objective

1.Providing informative availability for partnership between local authorities and NGOs.

Specific measures for achieving the goal.

* Induction of basic information/data for: NGO' s outlines at the Municipality, implemented projects, qualitative and quantitative projects' results, other projects potential, searching /offering activities, searching/ offering partnerships.

* Periodically updating the web site information.

2. Providing institutional premises for creating partnerships between local authorities, NGOs and media.3.Specific measures for achieving the goal.* Involving representatives of civic organizations, Municipal Social Councils and commissions.

* Involving representatives in third sector for the elaboration of projects, assisted by the Municipality of Lukovit .* Induction of guarantee fund for projects of Lukovit's organizations, executed according European programs. The guarantee fund's purpose is to ensure the financial participation of a candidate or partner, as the program requires.

* Creating of mechanism the Municipality of Lukovit to assign to NGOs social services.* Purposive and permanent partner's activities between NGOs , local authorities and media for encouraging local donations - joint companies supporting social causes.

4. Ensuring opportunities for creating and promoting professional cadres at NGOs and media.5.Specific measures for achieving the goal.* Training Centre in compliance to the vocational education of NGO' s members with capacity to accept new ones from all over the country.

* Volunteer Center, possible to be administrated by NGO, that is training volunteers, maintaining current information data basis and assisting other NGOs, municipal institutions and events - hospitals, schools, festivals, conferences.

II. NON-GOVERNMENTAL ORGANIZATIONS at the territory of Lukovit Municipality

"Home for youths Assisting Foundation" - Main goal: nourishing and supporting children from The Home for youths and children with physical disabilities and mental abilities." - SWISS PARTICIPATION.

Foundation "Unique nature" - acknowledged by The Municipality of Lukovit as leading partner in elaboration of projects, related to the Eco-tourism throughout the municipal territory of Lukovit. Aim: Assisting the exchange of contacts and information, including setting up relations between Bulgarian and foreign NGOs , foundations and associations in the non-governmental aid, physical and juridical persons, cooperating for discovering, restoring and preserving unique nature sights at The Republic of Bulgaria, elaboration of projects and programs, regarding the conservation of environment , making popular the uniqueness of Bulgarian nature, aiming to create conditions for regional and rural development with unique nature sights, attractive for determined experts.

Association "Society with ethnical minorities" Aim: Ensuring auspicious economic conditions, by the means of assigning meetings, courses, training, workshops and discussions. Preparing offers to legislative and controlling authorities, purposing to create and improve new normative order system of integration the minorities from the region into the civic society; representing the interests of minorities from the region at state institutions, municipal authorities and public organizations; discussing and applying national and international programs for development; participation in programs and projects with social meaning.

Foundation of social use "Diplomat - Balkan Centre" "/registration № 416/2001/

* Balkan Centre for training in hotel-keeping, catering and agricultural tourism - A corporate body, with non-governmental aid for providing social benefit by vocational education and training deed at the hotel business, culinary and rural tourism.*Head Office: Town of Lukovit ; "Vastajdane" str. 46Board of Managers: Albena Mincheva Yosifova - Lukovit, Dragomir Petkov Dimitrov - Sofia, Atanas Georgiev Grajdanski- Lukovit.Chief Manager and Foundation Representative: LUBEN STANEV, Head Office: Lukovit , "Vasrajdane" str. 46/