Nature sights

Not far from Lukovit, a kilometer away, at the upper stream of Zlatna Panega River, starts a beautiful canyon with plenty of rock formations, elegant curves, cutbanks, point bars, a spectacular meander named “Kotlen”, which resembles a natural amphitheatreand many other nature sites like the stone fault “Daima”, the Lagoon with the circle bog. Therocksketes – “Igluto”, “Largoto”, “Tepavitza”, “Longoza”, “Rilskomiasto”, “Lozeto”. There can be seen the cave with fresh water spring, “Panejka Temna Dupka”, covered with mystery and legends, is still unexplored.

Along the Canyon of Iskar River there are several rock churches, the most preserved among them are “St. Grigorii” and “St. Marina”. Plenty of caves are scattered around, 240 of them are explored and mapped. Among them are the phenomena “Prohodna” cave, “Bezimenna 22” (also called “Bass Viol”), “Zadanenka” as well as the great rock fault “Strupanetz”, and the rock towers “Provartenika” – all they are recognized as magnificent nature sites.

A great number of caves in the area, more than 600 are still uncharted, and they are object of interest by researches from the Bulgarian Speleology Federation as well as the World Speleology Community. The area was recognized as the world’s best example for karst region. Some of the caves are unique monuments of human history since the Stone Age.