LAC "Athletic - 90"

History and achievements

LAC "Athletic-90"- Lukovit was founded on 01.12.1990. During its long history, the club athletes achieved excellent results. In the state indoor championships, cross-country discipline, mountain running and outdoors they won over 100 titles in all ages: under 16 years, juniors, seniors, men and women. Furthermore, they won more than 100 silver medals in different championships; 150 bronze medals; 4 team titles in cross-country - from 16 to 23 years of age; bronze medal at the Balkan Games “Ivan Stoynov” - 3000 m, etc.; Senior national record for girls - 2000 meters in Romania, Yonka Alexandrova; Bronze Cup of Europe of 3000 meters, men for Georgi Georgiev; Theodora Trifonova - 16th place at the European Mountain Running Championships individual and team 6th place team and sixth place in the World Cup in mountain running. Nikolay Hristov, Radoslav Todorov, Georgi Kolev, Ivan Stoynov, Yonka Alexandrova, Georgi Georgiev, Theodora Trifonova, Krasimir Krastev, Christiana Braykova, Tsvetomira Georgieva, Fevroniya Markova, Martin Markov and others were included  in the national team.

LAC "Athletic-90" organized fifteen times the state championship cross-country, track International Tournament "Veselin Daskalov" and the International tournament-cross "Loukovit girls." Annually, in Lukovit is held regional round of the School Games. These successes were achieved thanks to the Municipality, and more specific thanks to the Mayors Mr. Peter Ninchev (1999-2011 years) and Mr. Ivan Grancharov (2011-2015) and at BFLA with President Mr Dobromir Karamarinov. President of LAC "Athletic-90" is eng. Vladimir Daskalov, board members are: Dragomir Valchev, Vanya Jotova, Ioland Yotov, Daniel Ivanov, Plamen Petkov, Miroslav Ivanov, Dragomir Dokov Nikolay Nechev, Antoinette Netcheva, Anka Antonova Violeta Miltcheva Dr. Galia Koycheva, Atanas Ivanov - coach.
Over the years, assistance in activities of LAC "Athletic-90" proved and sponsorships: "Ablamilk" Ltd., "Capricorn Chemicals Group" Ltd., "P. Penchev - Invest Engineering "Ltd," Monev BG "Ltd.," Vitavel "AD ET" Summers Zar-P. Petkov "ET" Kandev-V.Kandev "agency Manager George Pavlov," Polohim-SS "Ltd." Inter MM "Ltd.," bounce "Ltd., Pig Farm" G.Vranevo-Invest "JSC.

In 2010, on the occasion of the 20th annual club awards BFLA Mayor of the Municipality Peter Ninchev, Chairman of the Municipal Council of Republic Dr. Galya Stoyanova, then president of the club and Ivan Grancharov coach Atanas Ivanov. President of the Bulgarian Athletics Federation Dobromir Karamarinov distinguish LAC "Athletic-90" with a diploma, a medal for contributions to the development of athletics. Turn LAC "Athletic-90" bestowed honorary signs of personal contribution of all who have contributed to the development of athletics in the Republic.

In 2011, the club coach Atanas Ivanov was awarded by the Minister of Physical Education and Sports, Svilen Neykov, for contribution to the promotion and development of sport among children in Lukovit Municipality. Honorary prize was awarded to the coach by the Mayor of the Municipality, Ivan Grancharov.