Multi-profile Hospital for Active Medical Treatment, Lukovit

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Multi-profile Hospital for Active Medical Treatment, Lukovit

Multi-profile Hospital for Active Medical Treatment, Lukovit, has a significant role within the public health-care system in Lovech Province. As a contemporary hospital, it provides diagnostic and medical services to more than 22 thousand people within Lukovit Municipality, and for the surrounding municipalities as well.

"Multi-profile Hospital for Active Medical Treatment – Lukovit" Ltd. has a professional staff and offers high quality medical treatment to the local population, thus contributing for higher living standard.

The hospital's existence is quite reasonable and very important for the well-being of local residents, because it provides the necessary health-care and prevents possible spreading of diseases.

The goals that the Multi-profile Hospital for Active Medical Treatment, Lukovit has marked, fully corresponds to the National Health-Care Strategy: providing medical and non-medical services, thus meets its basic mission and fundamental goal – reaching an absolute health-care for all people;

Basic goals:

- to meet patient's needs, expectations and requirements;

- punctuality, accessibility, and quality of its services;

- protect, support, and ensure people's health during their lifetime;

- to reduce the spreading of certain diseases and ease the suffering they cause;

Today, the hospital can provide services for up to 100 persons at a time, in five different wards: therapeutic, neurologist, surgery, children's diseases, and obstetric-gynecological.


Hospital's Structure

I. Diagnostic center.

It includes the following consultancy units - therapeutic, neurologist, surgery, children's diseases, and obstetric-gynecological, pediatric, registration and information.

II. Medical diagnostic lab - the lab is fully equipped with contemporary apparatuses to meet high-end results and analysis. The lab can run biochemical, hematological, arterial blood gas measurements and coagulation analysis.

III. Diagnostic imaging ward – runs all types of tests regarding pre-hospital aid and hospital treatment, ultra sound diagnostic; cardiovascular and nervous system. The wards' equipment includes:

- computed tomography;

- mammography;

- echograph equipment;

- diagnostic of central and peripheral nervous systems;

Ward for physical therapy and rehabilitation – fully equiped for hospital and walk-in patients. It covers 5 clinical paths, concerning the musculoskeletal system, central and peripheral nervous systems; cardiovascular diseases; respiratory system; peripheral vascular syndromes; birth traumas; poorly healing wounds.

IV. Wards

Therapeutic ward – 30 beds. It is divided into three parts – Pulmonary, Endocrinological and Cardiovascular; noninvasive diagnostic office, equiped with echocardiograph and exercise bike. Services are offered to patients from 17 different clinical paths –for instance persons above 18 years with diabetes;myocardial infarction etc.

Surgery ward with 21 beds and common surgery sector, orthopaedics and traumatology, and ophthalmologist's office. Fifty clinical paths are covered, including emergency abdominal operations, cardio and ophtalmological surgeries; traumatology. The ward has a fully equiped ophtalmological office with separate surgery room, which provides laser surgery as well as other contemporary methods for cataract and glaucoma’s medical treatment. The ophtalmological office covers 7 clinical paths.

Surgery rooms – includes surgery, obstetric-gynecological, and ophtalmological.

The Intensive care unit has 4 beds. High qualifid staff and contemporary equipment provide 24/7 care for patients, and insure treatment for all persons with breathing, consciousness and hemodynamics disruptions.

The obstetric-gynecological ward has room for 15 patients. There are three separate parts within the ward – maternity ward, pathology pregnancy sector and gynecological one. The ward has surgery room for standard and emergency cases; maternity room, equipped with fetal monitor which helps to control the birth process and the babe’s hearth beat; a sector for prematurely born children with modern equipment. Special cares are provided for new-born babes in depresion. The ward covers 12 clinical paths.

The children’s diseases ward has 15 beds. It covers 9 clinical paths. The ward is fully equipped with contemporary apparatus. It provides diagnosis and treatment to children between 0 to 18 years.

Neurological ward has room for 15 patients, covers 10 clinical paths. It provides diagnosis and treatment of central and peripheral nervous systems diseases.