Geopark “Iskar-Panega”

“The nature is within us and we are in it”, this quote is the very basis laying under the creation of the first Geo-park in Bulgaria, “Iskar-Panega”. The park has two parts – the Karlukovo’s karst complex and Landscape Park “Panega”. The Geo-park combines geologic, geomorphologic and paleontology objects with esthetic, cultural and/or historic value. It is a mixture of nature and history and is an attractor destination for both local and incoming tourists. As a tourist destination the Geo-park offers educational and informational programmes, aiming to promote more care and interest to both local people and tourists in keeping the environment and to preserve the nature sites, thus to secure economic habitat and sustain the employment at local level.

The Geo-park’s basic role is to foster the geo-tourism’s development and to preserve the geologic and geomorphologic legacy for future generations.

The Geo-park begins near the main road Sofia-Pleven-Ruse, just before town of Lukovit. There is a tourist information center at the parking area in the very beginning where you can have tourist maps of the area, booklets and other information, related to the Geo-park.