Ecologic situation

Ecologic situation on the Municipal territory. Tendencies

Basically, the municipal territory of Lukovit is not a region in infracted ecological situation. Industrial enterprises, are not infecting the air above the admissible norms.

The predominant low individual construction of residential buildings causes a periodically pollution of the air by the heat sources. The low quality of the fuels, used by the households and some institutions are serious contaminators with local effect.

The economic growth prognosis and the gradual separation of enterprises from the development of the private sector and the characteristic about the region productions – nourishing, tailor’s and paper industries, presume the quantitative increasing of solid wastes. The agricultural wastes – sunflower and vegetable cultivations, remaining at the ground, have an enriching effect toward the fertility and do not inflect the environment.

Private cattle-breeding is quite developed on the municipal territory. The farming refuses are used for cultivating and vegetation growing. Underlying problem of The Municipality appears from the promiscuously throwing out of all kinds of wastes

Pointing the problems by territory, objects and damage extent

Chief problem for the municipality is the indiscriminately casting out and mixing of daily, animal and construction wastes. The existence of crossing routes (Sofia – Russe) presume infecting the air at the region. The extended use of leaden oils and the physical destroying of the automobile park infect the atmosphere with dust, leaden properties, non- burnt gases and nitrous oxygen.

Another Municipal issue were the storages of pesticides, caused by using of stale and unsuitable preparations. The problem is resolved with locating the pesticides in the village of Karlukovo. The production of cement, bricks and ceramic fabrics or the construction industry also contaminates the environment. Most significant share in infecting the environment has the cement industrial fabric in the village of Zlatna Panega.

The multiply of the production since 1994 caused extension of basic infectors of the air – sulphur oxygen, nitrous oxygen, carbonic oxygen, carbonic bi-oxygen. Lack of provided canalization system through the large part of territory deteriorates the ecologic situation. There are not garbage-hills throughout the villages and the city, in accordance with the norms and requirements. There is an opportunity to locate the domestic wastes near Lukovit, but that procedure requires a lot of financial resources.

Integral environmental problems on the territory of the municipality. Diminishing of wastes is achievable by: manufacturing of ecological products and packings, introduction of technologies with minimum toxic content and substitution with analogous ones. Thus, the customer’s preferences will raise towards ecological products and goods with numerous use, possible revision and salutaration.

Main contaminators, contamination of environmental elements ( water, solid refuses, noise, radiation, biological diversity).

The industrialization, along with the inadequate and irresponsible attitude to the wastes are crucial for the pollution. No matter the situation is caused by neglected garbage or desolated industrial landings, still, there is a risk to be spread out by the water, direct contact or the bio-line of the products. To study and develop methods of identifying, purifying and recovering the initial and normal elements of nature (water, soil, landscape, bio-diversity) are necessary a lot of financial resources.

To protect the environment from contamination, must be eliminated the practice of illegal throwing out of garbage at random unregulated places. The improvement of life conditions will be achieved by organization of gathering the wastes and decreasing their dangerous properties.

Characteristic for the period of 1989th is the significant decreasing of floating surface and underground water and improvement the qualitative indicators as a consequence of the reducing and limitation of some productions. There is no information about contamination of the surface and underground waters.

A dangerous sources for contamination the grounds are industry, improper use of chemical resources for vegetation protecting, transport and other activities. The erosion process is averted from the plain lay out. The artificial conditions are dropped out by the unconscious economic human activity. Public refuses are gathered mixed in pails and litters, which are transported to the garbage-hills of the town, and to compounded landings of the villages.

The garbage-hills are with high contents of paper, plastic materials, metals and glass. The secondary raw materials take а large part too. Grouping the public refuses as secondary raw materials is an undertaking with important economic effect. The radiation status of the municipality is legislatively arranged.