About Municipality of Lukovit

Geographical characteristics

Municipality of Lukovit is located in North-west region of Bulgaria. The town is an administrative center with 11 villages. The town is situated 52 km away from Pleven and 45 km away from Lovech. Administratively Lukovit is disposed in Lovech Region. The following villages are included in the Municipality: Bezhanovo, Belentsi, Dermantsi, Daben, Karlukovo, Toros, Petrevene, Peshterna, Rumyantsevo, Todorichene, Aglen. Municipality of Lukovit borders with the municipalities of Cherven bryag, Yablanitza and Ugarchin.

The climate on the territory is moderate. The average annual temperature is about 11 C; winters are cold, summers are prolonged. East and west winds are prevailing. The river, named Zlatna Panega, passes through the town. The river rises from the karst spring Glava Panega. There are three rivers, crossing the municipal territory – Iskar, Vit and Zlarna Panega.

The whole territory of the Municipality is 454 km2, 221 of them are agricultural.


Housing Expenses

1. Houses
Summer period – BGN 185.00
Winter period – BGN 330.00

Summer period – BGN 150.00
Winter period – BGN 250.00

- Altitude
The average altitude is 306 m

- Climate
1. Average annual rainfall.
The average annual rainfall in the region: 645mm (25.4 inches)

2. Average annual snowfall
Snow cover lasts on average 48 days a year.

3. Average annual temperatures:
Average January temp: -2°C (28.5°F)
Average July temp: 22°C (71.5°F)
Climate is temperate, with cold, damp winters and hot, dry summers.

- Region Classification with regard to the air contamination requirements

A significant problem for the Municipality is the indiscriminately casting out and mixing of daily, animal and construction wastes. The existence of crossing routes (Sofia – Russe) presume infecting the air at the region. The extended use of leaden oils and the outdated and overworked automobile park infect the atmosphere with dust, leaden properties, non-burnt gases and nitrous oxygen.

Note: The multiply of the production since 1994 caused extension of basic infectors of the air – sulfur dioxide (SO2) and nitrogen oxides (NOx) – primary causes of acid rain. Theacid pollution has a variety of effects, including damage to forests and soils, fish and other living creatures, materials, and human health.

Agricultural cultivations are: maize, wheat, barleycorn. Plantations are plum and cherry trees.

Population of Lukovit amounts to 11 275 people, village population – to 10 828 people.

Permanent total population of the Municipality since 05.02.2002th is shown at the table :

Main Roads Sofia-Ruse and Sofia-Pleven are crossing the town.

List of most important routs at the region:

Lukovit – Sofia – 110 km – traveling 90min /by bus; per hour/
Lukovit - Lovech – 68 km – traveling 90min /by bus at 7:00; 8:30;15:00/
Lukovit – Pleven – 50 km – traveling – 40min /by bus; per hour/
Lukovit – Cherven Briag – 15 km – traveling – 30min /by bus at 9:30;11:00;13:30/


Lukovit Municipality is a major transport junction. Its territory is crossed by  Sofia – Ruse and Sofia - Pleven main roads

Rail and road transport are the main kinds of transport on municipal territory.

Road transport

The main freight streams are directed towards Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Moldova, Poland, Hungary and Slovakia.
Lukovit Municipality has a well developed road network.

Road density is 0,2160 km on km². There are a lot of third class and four class roads linking the villages on municipal territory. All villages are accessible though the road network elements( roadlay materials, signs, marking, drainage installations etc.) are in a poor condition, and are below the EU safety and comfort standards.

Road Agency Lovetch – a branch office of Road Executive Agency (REA), manages the main road network – first and third class roads. Lukovit Municipality manages the four class roads. The only highway on municipal territory is E-83 (Ruse – Byala – Pleven - Sofia). The total length of first class road on municipal territory is 16.550 km. It links Lukovit to  Ruse (an important port on the Danube river, district and municipal centre), Pleven (district and municipal centre) and Sofia (the capital of Bulgaria).

- Rail transport
There is a railway freight line on municipal territory.

- Airports
There aren`t airports on municipal territory. The closest  airports are:
Sofia Airport – 120 km away
The new terminal of the airport is 3 600m and suitable for all kinds of airplanes even the largest ones.
Cargo Airport Pleven – 45 km away.

- Waterways
Ruse port – 210 km away
Varna port – 300 km away
Lom port – 200 km away

- Auto Transport Companies
“SPARK 2001 – Iskra Stefanova”
contact person:
Marin Stefanov
+359 879 355 739

- Carriers
“Petyagoshtransport – Vasil Petkov” village of Petrevene – specialized transport

- Express services
DHL multi-national courier, freight, logistics and shipping service
“BULPOST” provides for delivery of correspondence, documents, and goods with the next working day to the towns (109 in September 2003) in the Bulpost network.
Since 01.03.2007 ECONT Express has a new office in Cherven bryag (2,”Hristo Botev” str., phone +359 889 263 690/ 885 647 371). Lukovit is in Econt`s tariff  zone B and will be served daily from Monday to Saturday.


Water supply
- drinking water supply
The drinking water supply of Lukovit Municipality is provided by the following water sources:
“Vidrite” drainage – water source of “Cherni Vit – Lukovit ” water supply system. It supplies the following towns and villages:

  1. Glozhene, Asen, Bulgarski Izvor, Galata, Gradeshnitsa – Teteven Municipality
  2. Yablanitsa, Malak Izvor, Brestnitsa, Zlatna Panega – Yablanitsa Municipality
  3. Lukovit, Daben, Peshterna, Todorichene, Petrevene,Toros – Lukovit Municipality

According to the water supply distribution programme if the maximum capacity is 150 l/sec, Lukovit gets 48 l/sec.
“Zlatna Panega”spring – water source of “Zlatna Panega” water supply system. It supplies the following towns and villages:

  1. Zlatna Panega village - Yablanitsa Municipality
  2. Lukovit,Todorichene, Petrevene, Rumyantsevo - Lukovit Municipality
  3. Cherven bryag, Radomirtsi - Cherven bryag Municipality

Local water sources they supply only town of Lukovit. Their annual water volumes and maximum quantities are as follows:

  1. “Temna dupka”catchment up to 3 l/sec, annual water volume 0 m³(not used)
  2. “Ezeroto” catchment up to 13 l/sec, annual water volume 15 000 m³
  3. “Momchilets 1” shaft up to 6 l/sec, annual water volume 10 000 m³
  4. “Momchilets 2” drainage up to 10 l/sec, annual water volume 10 000 m³

Lukovit Municipality is supplied mainly by “Cherni Vit – Lukovit” water supply system, the other water sources are supplementary. All 12 towns and villages on municipal territory are water supplied, but the existing water supply system is outworn and needs reconstruction. 
Two objects were built with the help of the Social Investment Fund:
“Main Branch 1 ” of the internal water supply system of Dermantsi village
“Reconstruction of water-main” in Bezhanovo village

E. Drain and Sewer System

The system of sewers is partially developed on municipal territory. A lot of people use cesspits and cesspools which declines the quality of drinking water.

There aren`t water purification installations for the sewage which leads to contamination of the water basins on municipal territory.

Natural gas supply

The Municipal Council has approved the General Scheme for Gasification of Lukovit (Resolution № 48,protocol №9/ 27.05.2004)
At present (01.06.2007), all state, administrative and municipal buildings have been gas supplied: Town Hall, Police station, Multi-Profile Active Treatment Hospital, Vet clinic, Nursery. The gasification process will continue with the buildings of the domestic and private manufacturing sector.